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Stacie and Matt’s Wedding Film Trailer at Beth Judah

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A little over a year ago I wrote a post about things YOU can do to make your wedding film awesome. One of those things is to take the time and energy to write your own vows. (If you’re ambitious, memorize them too!) And why do all this? Because it will make the emotional connection between you and your significant other so much more powerful during the ceremony. You, are saying your own vows; the vows you wrote yourself. This is powerful emotion transfers to your film. Don’t believe me? Just watch the trailer we did below for our clients, Stacie and Matt. When Matt emailed me...

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Liz and Mike’s Same Day Edit at the Mellon Auditorium, Washington, D.C.

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One of the best things about what we do here at Aubert Films is being able to hear back from clients about how much they loved their film. When we receive a letter, email, or Facebook message from someone who is ecstatic about their film, it’s so personally rewarding. For us, it’s the true profit for all the time and energy we put into a film. For this reason, I love doing Same Day Edits. Most of our films are delivered through the internet or in the mail so we don’t actually get to see our clients’ reaction first hand. But an SDE allows us to show a film to the couple...

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Mason and Caroline’s Short Wedding Film

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