Posts made in May, 2011

Meghan and Jamie’s Signature Film

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You probably saw Meghan and Jamie’s wedding film trailer a few weeks back but now you can view their entire Signature Film right here, online! Check it out below and let us know what you think in the...

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Laurie and Scott’s Short Wedding Video at the Crossed Keys Inn

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Laurie and Scott, wow what can I say? Their wedding was one of the highlights of our season. I mean, who has a wedding where terrariums are the center pieces? Or has poetry readings during the ceremony? Or a choreographed first dance with the entire wedding party? Or a fire pit at the reception for roasting marshmallows and making smores? One thing you will pick up on immediately is that Laurie and Scott are also a ridiculously cute couple. One of my favorite moments of their short film is the ring exchange. Scott is trying to put the ring on Laurie’s hand when she points out he is...

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Patty and Terence’s Full Signature Film at the Garden City Hotel

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Let me start by saying that this is one of my absolute favorite Signature Films that we’ve ever produced. Though, it’s not because of anything particularly different or special about Patty and Terence’s. I love this film so much because everything about the wedding say worked perfectly for video. The preparations are beautiful and touching, the ceremony was so eloquently performed by the priest, and the photo-session took place on the beach! Terence and Patty, too, are such an amazing couple. They are so kind and so generous that our entire team felt privileged to be at...

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Katie and Chris’s Wedding Film Trailer

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Katie and Chris had their wedding outside Lancaster, PA and held their reception at the Eden Resort. For their trailer, we wanted to really concentrate on all the great part of their ceremony. That’s why this trailer is a little longer than usual, we just had to fit in all the touching moments! Some of our favorite shots are from the photo session where Katie and Chris were photographed in an apple orchard with the sun setting in the background, giving way to that beautiful orange and purple-red sky that so exemplifies the Fall. We worked with the seriously awesome Kris and John...

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