Jenny and Young’s Short Philadelphia Wedding Video at Belle Voir Manor

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Young and Jennifer were such a bubbly couple and had so many exciting events at their wedding that made it unique and upbeat, so we were so excited to start working on their short Philadelphia wedding video. Young Jo and Jennifer’s wedding took place at Belle Noir Manor. When we arrived, there was an overwhelming sense of happiness and excitement for this couple. Jennifer was breathless as she was getting ready in the morning while Young kept giggling. There was a very giddy vibe before the ceremony and I think you can clearly see that in the film. When I started editing the film, I wanted a song that brought out that joy and rush of feelings, a song that made you want to dance around the room because that’s how Young and Jennifer felt on their wedding day. When I came across this upbeat melody and began placing the clips together, the outcome was amazing. The song fits the mood and brings the film to life right away. I also liked the song because it has a serious tone during the chorus, which I used under the first meeting and the walking down the aisle sections.

It is difficult to choose my favorite part of the film, but I feel that the first meeting conveys both Young and Jennifer’s emotions very well when seeing each other. They didn’t take their eyes off of each other once, but instead intently stared into each others eye’s, smiling and completely involved with one another and ready to finally be married. At Aubert Films, we often times have clients that come from many different backgrounds, so we always make sure to include their traditions and beliefs in their film. Young and Jennifer happen to be Korean, and included a Paebaek ceremony, a Korean tea ceremony, which added some unique touches to the wedding video. We wanted to make sure the natural audio was underneath the Paebaek ceremony because it allows the viewer to understand the rituals involved such as the throwing of chestnuts to determine how many children they will have or the taking the seed from the date.  Jennifer and Young also had a firework show at the end of their wedding day which really gave us a great way to end their film with energy. Take a look for yourself at Young and Jennifer’s Philadelphia wedding video and ride this emotional rollercoaster.

Jenny and Young’s Short Film from Darrell Aubert on Vimeo.

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