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** This post is for other wedding professionals.

One of my good photographer friends, Mark Gardner, designed a great tool for wedding professionals who do a lot of online bookings. It’s called Wed-Pick. Basically Wed-Pick allows you to build an online pricing menu that clients can use to build their own packages. Using check boxes and drop down menus, a client can change parameters of his/her package and then submit that package to you.

This tool has been so helpful for me when consulting with clients. In the past I could never find a good way to display my pricing that made sense and was usable by the client. I used to send pdfs, docs, etc. etc. Wed-Pick has totally changed that. Now I simply send my clients to my wed-pick page and they can build their package exactly the way they want AND submit it to me through wed-pick. Now all I need to do is send them an email with their contract and they’ve just booked a wonderful Philadelphia wedding video.

There are other services out there that offer similar products, but none of them are as affordable and easy as wed-pick. For those of you looking for an inexpensive way of displaying your pricing that is interactive and WORKS… check out the $99 Wed-Pick.

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  1. DA,

    thanks for this, I’ll check it out. And I totally agree on the difficultly of building the right package for each wedding video. Everyone is different and they have different values of what they want, so it is important to give them what they want and not have them compromise just because it “fits” in your inflexible video package.


    Sandy Buller

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