Rock ‘n Roll Bride Features Paint the Dress!

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The incredibly awesome blog, Rock ‘n Role Bride, which happens to be run by the awesome, Kat Williams, featured my Paint the Dress video today. You can check out the blog post by clicking here.

The bride featured in the video, Karen, wrote me a really nice letter a while back so I’m going to share it here:

“The first time I saw a TTD session, I wished that I would have had the opportunity to do that when I was married. But, I was already married 15 years, so my chances of it happening were slim. Through a series of fortunate events, I met Darrell Aubert and discovered that he knew a great deal about TTD and was looking for a “bride” to shoot a video with. He also had a friend, Mark Gardner, an awesome photographer who was interested in shooting a TTD session as well. They needed a wedding dress to trash and I was happy to provide it.
While many found in difficult to understand why I would want to do such a thing to my wedding dress, I never for a second hesitated when I was given the opportunity to have my own TTD session. For me, to have two such incredibly talented artists shooting the session was a second chance to get the wedding images I always wanted. 15 years ago, expressing yourself like this just wasn’t an option.
For me, everything about TTD seemed right. Darrell and I talked about how we wanted to tell my story, and being 15 years post wedding date, it wasn’t hard at all to realize where the motivation for the shoot would come from. It was the story of every woman I know that is living a similar life……the stress and frustrations of being married and having 3 kids. I know that some critics have found the final video to negative….that we went to far with the trashing and that it doesn’t give you the warm fuzzy, high fashion, glamorous feel that TTD sessions usually have. But being where I am in life, that was not my story. We pushed the boundaries and tapped into feelings that I know everyone woman like me has, but so few reveal.
I still have my wedding dress. While I destroyed the dress with paint, I still could not throw it away. After a few days the paint dried and I lovingly placed it back in the closest. It now holds a whole new memory for me. On my wedding day 15 years ago, the dress was perfectly white. A blank canvas for a life not yet lived. Now the dress is painted with all the ups and downs that life brings, and I love it even more.”

~Karen Jennings

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