Chris & Juling’s Philadelphia Wedding Video at Sofitel Hotel

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Not all couples are the same when it comes to the emotions felt on their wedding day. Some couples are in a state of bliss, while others are speechless throughout the day. Some couples get a case of the giggles while other couples are constantly teary-eyed. At Aubert Films, it is important to us to portray every complex emotion you experienced on your wedding day into your film so you can forever relive one of the most special days of your life over and over again. For Chris and Juling, there were butterflies in their stomach throughout the entire morning. As the ceremony approached, their emotions morphed into giddiness and anticipation, so we chose a song that started with a serious tone and became more upbeat as Juling started walking down the aisle. During the ceremony, Chris nervously stumbled over a few words and while it lightened up the mood in the film, it also made obvious the importance of that day to Chris and how he was literally speechless seeing his soon-to-be wife. The reception took place at the Sofitel Hotel, and the vibe of the day completely changed when Chris and Juling’s guests got on the dance floor. They knew how to have a good time, so we made sure dancing got it’s spot in the wedding video. It was an amazing day and we hope they can watch their film for years to come and always relive those deep and complex emotions.

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