Geoff and Noel’s Wish Upon a Wedding Love Story

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At Aubert Films, we believe in making films that emote powerful emotions. We want our clients to watch their film and be able to re-experience the same feelings they had on their wedding day. When the Philadelphia Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding asked us to film the love story of their first couple, we wanted to make a film that told the entire emotional story of these two people who are very much in love.

In case you don’t know, Wish Upon a Wedding is a national charity organization that grants weddings to couples where the bride or the groom is stricken with a terminal illness. They do this through the donations of volunteer companies, like Aubert Films. You can check out past weddings and love stories by clicking here.

Going into the shoot, we really didn’t have much information about the couple or their story so it was difficult not knowing what to expect. But when we finally met Geoff and Noel, I knew they were the perfect couple. The love they have for each other, even in the face of such difficult times, is so deeply touching. The entire shoot, it radiated out from both of them like a soft glow that touched everyone involved in the shoot. You could literally feel it in the air as it ebbed and flowed throughout the shoot.

I wanted that radiance of love to be replicated in the film. I wanted Geoff and Noel and anyone watching it to experience that love the same way we experienced it on the shoot. When I was editing this film my assistant was behind me, watching it as I worked. At one point I turned around and saw her tearing up. “They’re just so perfect,” she whispered as she wiped away a tear. I hope you feel the same way when you watch this special love story for two amazing people, Geoff and Noel.

P.S. – It was great working with photographer Cindy Guessford as she did one of her Beloved session with Geoff and Noel. She is an amazing individual and an equally amazing photographer. Check out her shots from Geoff and Noel’s session by clicking here.
Special thanks goes out to Mark Kingsdorf and Rebecca Richman of Queen of Hearts Consulting for their involvement. Pat Ambrosius of The Pragmatic Planner as well! Thanks so much to all of you!

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