Laurie and Scott’s Short Wedding Video at the Crossed Keys Inn

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Laurie and Scott, wow what can I say? Their wedding was one of the highlights of our season. I mean, who has a wedding where terrariums are the center pieces? Or has poetry readings during the ceremony? Or a choreographed first dance with the entire wedding party? Or a fire pit at the reception for roasting marshmallows and making smores?
One thing you will pick up on immediately is that Laurie and Scott are also a ridiculously cute couple. One of my favorite moments of their short film is the ring exchange. Scott is trying to put the ring on Laurie’s hand when she points out he is using the wrong ring. His response: “I was kidding!” It’s such a fun and lighthearted moment that says so much about this couple. Laurie and Scott are fun, relaxed, and chill as can be. They also are a couple very much in love. During the vows you can literally feel their emotions pouring through the film. Their vows with each other are so touching and genuine that it keeps me thinking about them even long after I watch their film.

Please enjoy this very special wedding film

Wedding Film by Aubert Films
Photography by Pat Furey
Location – Crossed Keys Inn

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