Glen and Violet’s Same Day Edit

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When Glen and Violet asked me to shoot their wedding in Southern New Jersey, I knew I had to put together the ultimate team to do it! I asked two fellow Top 25 wedding videographers to join me to make the video something really special. Maurice O”Carroll, Ireland’s #1 wedding videographer, and Chris Watson from Fort Worth, Texas flew in to help back me up for the day.

The wedding was great! Maurice and I started shooting bright and early at Energes Salon where Viloet and her bridal party were getting ready. Meanwhile, Chris Watson was covering the guys at Violet’s brother’s house. We all met at the church and shot one of the best ceremonies I’ve ever seen. Glen and Violet could barely hold back tears as they walked down the aisle the together for first time, married. Later the reception was help in the Crystal Manor at Masso’s where Judith Campbell of Cambell Studios did some amazing decor and lighting!

The highlight of the reception was when my Same Day Edit was shown on a huge 100″ screen during the reception for all to see. Glen and Violet were able to relive their entire day in just a few minutes while all of the guests watched in awe.

Below is the Same Day Edit I did for Glen and Violet. This is a great add-on that can be purchased at any time for your own wedding. Make sure to view the video in beautiful High Definition!

Glen and Violet’s Same Day Edit By Darrell Aubert
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  1. hey what about Thumper who drove in from Millheim?
    good work on the SDE

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