Courtney and Art’s Hotel du Pont Wedding Video Trailer

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It was an early Friday morning and I was just getting out of bed when my cell phone rang. “This is Aubert Films, how can I help you” I said, trying to not sound groggy. “Hi, my name’s Courtney and I’m looking to hire you for your services” said the person on the other end. “No problem,” I said, “when is your wedding?” “Tomorrow” said the voice.

Courtney and Art booked me exactly 24 hours before their wedding. This was my shortest booking ever and it was a thrill to wake up one morning and book a wedding to shoot on the next day. It may have been last minute (just a little?) but Courtney and Art wanted an amazing wedding film.

The wedding was held at the seriously beautiful Hotel du Pont in downtown Wilmington, DE. Photographer Jen Cleary really has all the credit for referring Courtney and Art to me when they came to her last minute for a recommendation. Check out Jen’s work by clicking here! Click here to see more Hotel du Pont wedding videos.

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