Lisa and Goddia’s Key West, Florida Keys Wedding Video Trailer

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When Lisa and Goddia first contacted me about a year ago to film their wedding in Key West, Florida, I was beyond excited. They had everything to make the perfect wedding film; a great location, a card exchange, hand written vows, and the officiant was Lisa’s father! But the best thing of all was the love Lisa and Goddia have for each other. I know what you’re thinking, love is something every wedding has. That’s true but how that love is shown, how it is expressed is unique to this wedding. When we were filming their vows, as the sun began to set behind Lisa and Goddia, the emotion was overwhelming. These vows were so powerful, so charged with feeling, that it dawned on me that above the beauty of Key West, the lovely card exchange, and everything else about this wedding, those vows were the climax of the entire day. I knew that any film I created for Lisa and Goddia had to be centered on those promises they made to one another. This is why, in a somewhat different take on my usual trailer films, I chose to use their vows as the central part of the trailer. You’ll notice there is no preparation footage, no card exchange, nothing I would normally include in a trailer because the power of those vows was something I just had to share. Even then I had to cut their vows down to fit into a 2 minute trailer. I cannot wait to share their final film where their promises to each other, all 6 minutes of which, can be heard.

This wedding is up there on my personal list of top weddings we’ve filmed. It’s made a lasting impression on me about what the most important parts of a wedding are and I hope it does the same for you.

Please enjoy this special trailer film:

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