Jake and Laura’s Wedding Video Trailer at The Bedford Springs Resort

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When Jake and Laura first contacted me about their wedding, I had no idea where Bedford Springs, PA was. I figured it must have been somewhere near the Lehigh Valley. Boy was I wrong! Bedford Springs is a whopping 3 hours away from my home. Now this wouldn’t be so bad except that I also had another wedding the next day in… Atlantic City, NJ! With 7+ hours of driving in store for me that weekend, I was less than excited to sit in my car for what I could only image would be an eternity.

My concerns vanished, however, when I arrived at the Bedford Springs Resort. What an amazing place! The resort itself is enormous and the grounds are quite impressive. I was also pumped to be working with my friend and colleague, Kris McElligott of KM Photography. She is such a great person to work along side with and her work is really incredible (just take a look at some of her pics!). It also helped to be working for some seriously cool clients. Laura and Jake are my youngest couple of the season and the entire day was influenced by their youth and vibrancy. A great example of this was Laura’s choice in wedding dress. Go ahead, take a look at their wedding trailer below and tell me that wedding dress isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever seen! I’m very much someone who runs on the energy of other people. When I’m around vibrant people, I know that energy rubs off on me and my shooting only gets better. I say this because the entire day I kept telling me assistant, Jordan, how much I couldn’t wait to get home and edit some of the footage.

When I began to edit this wedding trailer, I wanted to make sure that the emotion of the day was translated through my work. One of the things I picked up on throughout the wedding day was just how important Jake and Laura’s faith is in their lives and relationship. I was inspired by what was said during the ceremony. The message given was that Jake and Laura are great people separately, but together, as one, they are even better; they are the best they can be. I had a great time shooting this wedding and working with Jake and Laura. I hope you enjoy this trailer just as much as I did creating it.

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