Latane and Karen’s Rehoboth Beach Wedding Trailer

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I was honored to film Latane and Karen’s Rehoboth Beach wedding in October. The couple was referred to me by local photographer, Rob Nicholson of Humbled Eyes Photography. It’s been over a year since I last shot in Rehoboth so it was refreshing to take the trip down to the shore and shoot in a irregular location. One of the best things about shooting there in October is that it’s not nearly as packed as it is in the summer! We could actually shoot on the beach and not be disturbed by swimmers!

The reception was held at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club. The last time I shot in Rehoboth, the reception was here as well. It’s a great location and the view from the ballroom spectacularly demonstrated the beautiful sunsets over the water.

For Latane and Karen’s trailer, I wanted to show off both the beauty of Rehoboth. You’ll see a lot of shots of the area, nature, and especially the sunsets. Hopefully you can enjoy it as much as I did shooting it!

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