Dan and Michelle’s Fonthill Castle Wedding Trailer

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Dan and Michelle were certainly one of my more unique clients this year. I often refer to them as the “Juno Couple” (keep reading, you’ll find out why). Dan, who is a graphic designer, seems to have a liking for comic books, super heroes, and transformers; as evidenced by the logo he designed for their wedding and his, shall we say, unusual custom vows. Check out their awesome invitations by clicking here. Michelle, not to be outdone by Dan, seems equally interested in the musical whims of the movie Juno since almost every song she suggested is on its soundtrack. Not only that, their first dance song was “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar. I think my favorite line from that song is “If you were a castle, I’d be your moat.” Rather interesting, in my opinion, that their wedding was held at a castle. Connection? Unfortunately Fonthill Castle doesn’t have a moat but I digress.
For their trailer, I chose a song I’ve been wanting to use for quite some time. It’s a variation on a song I used a few years ago so it was familiar yet different at the same time. Dan, who is a fan of some scifi shows, might recognize it but I’m betting not. Anyways, enjoy their trailer below! And watch out for their Juno inspired wedding film in a few months!

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