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I constantly try and improve the quality of my videos through new technology, new techniques, and more education. To help do this, I belong to a number of wedding videographer online forums where people discuss ideas, share videos, and generally try to become better at what we do. Over the years I’ve developed a lot of “online friendships” that turn into real life ones. One of those people is Maurice O’Carroll (Who is also one of the Top 25) from Tralee, Ireland. We actually became such good friends that I flew him out to shoot a wedding with me earlier this year.
A few weeks ago, Maurice dropped me an email informing me that he and his fiance, Elaine, finally picked a day for their wedding and that they want ME to shoot their wedding video! How awesome is that? It’s quite an honor to be hired by another videographer and I’m humbled that he would choose me to capture such an important day!

Maurice posted a little write-up about me and my friend Glen (who is shooting the wedding with me) over on his blog. He’s trying to bill us as “rockstar videographers” from America. Haha, Yeah Right! A total scam if I’ve ever heard one! 🙂  🙂  🙂

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